Product Overview

MINOXIDIL 2.5mg – 1*10 Tablets
  • Minoxidil was first introduced as an oral medication for the treatment of severe and recalcitrant hypertension in the 1970s
  • Coincidentally, physicians observed hair regrowth and generalized hypertrichosis in balding patients, which led to the development of a topical minoxidil formulation for treating androgenetic alopecia (AGA) first in male and then in female individuals
  • Minoxidil works to relieve hypertension by acting as a vasodilator. This same vasodilatory property is responsible for the effectiveness of Minoxidil in stimulating hair re-growth
  • lt causes vasodilation of the blood vessel by releasing nitric oxide which is known to widen the diameter of the vessels
  • Use oral minoxidil at much lower doses than those used to treat high blood pressure as this can still stimulate hair to grow but has a much lower risks of side effects


  1. Clinical studies show improved total hair density in frontal region after 24 weeks
  2. Density of terminal hair in vertex region improved after 24 weeks
  3. New terminal hair observed in both vertex & frontal region
  4. Improvement in blood microcirculation


Side Effects

  • Fluid retention (causing weight gain and/or ankle swelling)
  • Low blood pressure (may cause dizziness / fainting)
  • lncreased body hair growth, Skin rashes
  • lncreased heart rate (fast pulse / palpitations)
  • Pericarditis / pericardial effusion (causing chest pain and/or shortness of breath)
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Breast tenderness

Patient Selection Criteria

  • Prefer young patients ( Age 30-40), for elderly patients regular monitoring is recommended
  • Patients having healthy routine is a plus
  • Avoid in men with excessive body hair
  • Avoid in patients with history of Tachycardia, Rhythm Disturbances, Reported Previous Cardiac Events


Available As

  •  2.5 mg (white, round, scored)



  • Root in Tablet available as scored tablet
  • The therapy can start with 0.625 mg or 1.25 mg depending on the patient selection criteria