Product Overview

Radio frequency surgical unit

  • This unit is optimized with special purpose in order to proceed the LOOP electro surgical excision and coagulation procedures

  • Cleaner, faster and more precise excision

  • This unit will give you the maximum convenience

  • User friendly & safety-oriented design

Product Highlights

  • This unit adopts 4.8 MHz Radio Frequency in order to have the optional surgery results
  • Any size and shape of electrodes are available
  • Autoclaveable titanium bipolar forceps minimizes damage to tissue
  • Equipped with automatic visual & audible monitoring and warning system, the power output is automatically cut off in any interruption.
  • For safety, cutting power and coagulating power do not work at the same
  • EMI Filter
  • When using the bipolar generator, no more power than necessary is generated, thus minimizing the danger of faulty dosage
  • Blend modes are designated low and high
  • High frequency power is generated at the active electrode only to obviate inadvertent


Internal Medicine
Plastic Surgery
Surgical Operation
Family Medicine

Technical Specifications

Input Power 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz
Weight 13kg
Dimension 330(W) x 430(L) x 125(H)mm
Operating Frequency 4.8MHz