Have you ever stared at the wall wondering where did your luscious tresses go? Going down memory lane, it might feel like just yesterday when you had a thick mane, and now it’s thinning away. Hair loss gives a roller coaster of emotions and the morale takes a huge hit. Now, coming to dealing with hair loss, there’s a game changer, Minoxidil. Let’s learn how Minoxidil helps to deal with hair loss.



In this world where restoring hair has gained the utmost importance, Minoxidil has earned its reputation. Originally, it was created as an oral medication to treat high blood pressure. However, the users experienced unusual side effects, HAIR GROWTH! After that, it became quite popular in treating hair loss.



Minoxidil dilates the blood vessels near the hair follicles when it is applied topically. When the vessels dilate, it increases the blood flow to the hair follicles. This causes the blood to deliver more oxygen, nutrients, and hormones to the blood vessels. All these factors create a perfect ground for the growth of new hair follicles. However, it’s not a one-time magic solution for hair growth. With consistency, it may take several months for the hair to grow back. So, coming to the question, how to use minoxidil? Let’s jump on to that.



Apply the Minoxidil solution to the scalp. Apply twice a day, in the morning, and before you sleep. Make sure you cleanse your scalp before applying the solution. You shouldn’t over-apply the solution and keep the quantity as prescribed by the professional. An overdose of minoxidil can lead to more side effects! Let’s understand the side effects Minoxidil can have on your body.



The hair growth journey with Minoxidil has its ups and downs. Users may experience a bit of irritation and dryness of the scalp after applying it. It’s highly recommended to follow the recommended dosage by the professional to avoid any serious impact. Minoxidil also may cause the growth of unwanted hair in unwanted areas. Busting the myth, it’s not a cure for all types of hair loss. So, it is best to consult a professional before using it.


Minoxidil is not a one-stop fix solution for hair loss. It needs consistency and the results may take several months to occur. A thicker mane comes with a lot of patience. So, brace yourselves!