With the winter settling in, the cold breezes can be harsh on your tresses. This doesn’t mean you should be staying indoors. By following a proper winter haircare routine, you can experience the joy of winter without worrying about your hair. Let’s find out the winter haircare essentials.



Just as you change your attire in the winter you might want to change your regular shampoo for a hydrating one. The cold winds strip the moisture from your hair so to combat that, look for ingredients like coconut oil, argan oil, shea butter, or glycerine to keep your locks hydrated and smooth.



In these chilly temperatures, it’s natural to crave a hot shower. But, hold your thoughts! It’s not worth your craving. Hot showers will strip off the natural oils from your hair and leave them dry. This increases the chances of hair breakage! Use lukewarm water, it’s gentle on your hair and keeps it safe.



This is like an extra shield protecting your hair by adding an extra layer of moisture throughout the entire day. After you apply your regular conditioner, apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner. This acts as extra hydration for your hair and keeps it healthy and frizz-free!



Treat your hair with a deep-conditioning mask. One session per week will do the job quite well. These masks restore the moisture in your hair and repair any other hair damage that might have caused. Deep conditioning works magic on your hair and keeps it soft and hydrated.



It’s time to take a break from that heat. It might get very tempting to dry your hair with heat amidst the chilly breezes, but avoid or limit the use of heat-styling tools. It will damage your hair more. Embrace natural hairstyles!



Tired of split ends? Trim your hair regularly to get rid of them. Split ends can damage your hair, stunt their growth, and make them look dull. Trimming of split ends keeps your hair healthy and encourages their growth leaving you with fresh locks!



Ever woke up to strands of your hair on your pillowcase? That’s because of the friction between your hair and the pillowcase which causes the hair to break. Swap your pillowcases for a silky one. Silk pillowcases are gentle on your hair and they reduce the friction between your hair and itself. Less friction means fewer chances of hair breakage!


Even on the coldest days, your hair can shine. They just need a little bit of extra care!