Be it hygiene or you’re getting ready for a vacation, hair removal surely gets overwhelming. With multiple methods out there, it often gets confusing. Let’s explore different types of hair removal techniques and see which suits you the best!



This is the classic one. It’s one of the easiest ways to get rid of hair. Grab a shaving cream, then shave off the hair, and you have silky smooth skin. It’s a good method if you’re in a hurry to go out and want to remove unwanted hair from your body. However, the skin does not stay that way for long.  The hair grows back pretty fast. Nicks, cuts, and after-shave burns are something you need to see coming. Make sure you moisturize your skin after shaving, and if you’re shaving your beard, apply an after-shave lotion.



The waxing technique can provide you with long-lasting smooth skin. You’ll enjoy hair-free skin for the next couple of weeks post-waxing. You can wax your body in the salon or at home provided you know the right technique to do it. But this smooth skin comes at a cost, PAIN! Though the results are satisfying, waxing will sting you. The pain intensity will depend on your pain tolerance.



Threading technique for hair removal has obtained popularity due to its precision. Threading involves the use of a twisted cotton thread to trap and remove unwanted hair. Threading removes the hair from the root and hence gives a clean look. This technique does not involve any shaving or chemicals and hence it is suitable for sensitive skin too. While threading may cause temporary discomfort and redness, it has a reduced risk of ingrown hairs and minimal irritation. It suits well to remove and shape eyebrows due to its precision.



If you’re looking for an option that wouldn’t cut you or isn’t painful, hair removal creams are the go-to. All it takes is to apply the cream to the area, wait for a few minutes as directed on it, and wipe it out! You’ll get a silky-smooth skin. The chemicals in the cream break down the hair follicle. Make sure, you do a patch test before applying the cream. The cream can be harsh on sensitive skin.



This hair removal procedure uses a small device that plucks the hair from the roots. Sounds painful, right? This might pinch a little but the results are remarkable. Smooth skin does come at a price! But, once you get used to the discomfort, it might become your go-to method of hair removal.



Electrolysis uses a low-level electric current to destroy the hair follicle. The electric current generates heat which causes damage to the follicle. This inhibits the future growth of the hair. This technique is known to be a permanent hair removal method. However, several months may be required to achieve results. This procedure is performed by a trained professional and there might be some side effects like redness and discomfort.



It’s all about the technology. Laser therapies for hair removal use high-intensity laser beams to destroy the hair follicle. This reduces the growth of hair gradually over time. This technique requires multiple sessions, and the results would be semi-permanent. Lasers may sound scary, but they are not. Laser therapies for hair removal give out the best results with a consistent treatment. If you’re opting for this, make sure you get it done by a trained professional.


As a non-invasive method, laser hair removal reduces the risk of ingrown hairs and irritation which is commonly associated with other hair removal techniques. However, which method to opt for, the choice is yours. There’s no single solution for all. It all depends on your pain tolerance, time constraints, and preferences. Here, the end goal is the same; having silky smooth skin. Go ahead and explore!